It is with a great deal of sadness we share the news Scott Game passed away October 27th at 2:30am.   Coach Scott’s death was the result of many medical conditions that left him very sick.  When we visited him last week, we asked what he wanted us to share with the athletes and their parents.  At that time, he requested that we keep his privacy regarding the severity of his illness and to just let people know when he passed.  Out of an immense respect for Coach Scott, we honored his wishes.  We can share he was at peace and did not want the athletes or parents worried about him.


His passing has deeply affected us all.  Scott came to work for Ocean Tumblers in 1991 and has coached many athletes over the years. We know his passing will affect many people.  Scott leaves behind three step-children and a son who is still in high school.  We have established an educational trust fund to help provide for Colton, his youngest son, when it is time for him to go to college. If you would like to contribute, you can write a check to:
Wolcott Rivers Gates FBO: Scott Game Memorial and mail it to:


Wolcott Rivers Gates
Attn: Powell Peters

His family is holding private services and Ocean Tumblers will hold a celebration of life in December.

Our deepest sympathies go to Scott’s family. Scott’s passion for coaching gymnastics, his loyalty to the kids, and his contributions to Ocean Tumblers will not be forgotten.