We are lowering the eligibility score for HPC to a 35.675AA from Easterns or JO Nationals to allow additional athletes into HPC.  The new registration deadline is AUGUST 14th.  
Please follow the registration instructions on the Region 7 website to register:
The initial registration deadline for HPC is FRIDAY AUGUST 4TH, 2017.  After that date we will lower the qualifying score and pick up additional athletes until we fill the camp.  We will not guarantee spots for those originally qualified if they have not registered by August 4th, 2017.  All the camp information is available on the Region 7 website – including the list of qualified athletes – at:
IMPORTANT:  If you have been trying to register and the first step of the process says to register with the USA Gymnastics meet reservation system – and you can’t because your membership is out of date….PLEASE register with Sports Engine on the Region 7 website by August 4th at:
and then when your membership is updated you can also register with the USA Gymnastics meet reservation system.  This will guarantee your spot for camp while we wait for your membership information to update.
If you have any questions, please contact Jen Bortz at: